• Image of The (Original) Creative Fire Journaling & Self-Compassion Workshop
  • Image of The (Original) Creative Fire Journaling & Self-Compassion Workshop

This meaningful, creative and soul searching workshop comes from embracing & trusting my own courageous heart. We will delve into the truth of who we are - our soul identity through journaling, breathwork, energy & soul medicine.

There are times where we allow life events and/or relationships to block us from joy preventing us from leading happy and fulfilling lives. We feel lost, without passion and forget that we are all deserving of love and are in fact, worthy, unique and loving beings.

We will explore the creative being that lies within all of us. Yes, all of us. I hear too often from people who say they aren't creative but I can tell you from personal experience that creativity is not about a strictly defined set of rules or abilities, or a qualification. You are a creative force to be reckoned with.

You know those life changing conversations that make you feel you are on the edge of something much bigger? Well that’s where Creative Fire began. Following a conversation with a friend about loss of identity when dealing with life’s challenges and changes in 2014, the idea of this workshop came to life in 2015 and I led over 30 in person and online workshops with this foundation in mind during 2015-2016. I’m pleased to bring this work to intimate groups in 2017 & 2018 with added energy & soul medicine practices.

I solemnly believe that creativity is for everyone and that everyone is an artist. Allow me to guide you through an exploration of Self.

It begins with You. This workshop is for You. We will delve into the truth of who you are.

My intention for this workshop is to guide you with compassion, encourage conversation and hold the space for you to connect with yourself while using creativity to bring you closer to your essence.

The cornerstones of Creative Fire are:
Soul Care

Gathering together during this 4 hour workshop in my new sacred sanctuary space aka Spirit Nest, we will enjoy:
Shamanic drum session
Crystal reiki healing
Journey through the senses
Intuitive card reading
Endless cups of herbal tea
My favourite savoury & sweet treats

Who is Creative Fire and The Desire Map for?
You are ready to embrace your Gutsy Self and true path in life.
You may have felt lost along the way due to confidence, relationship or heath issues and wish to reclaim all parts of yourself.
You are a mother who would like to take some sacred self-care time and nurture your spirit.
You are ready to unleash your creative self.
You want to be part of a gutsy gathering of kindred spirits who will provide a safe place to be yourself, to share, support and connect.
You are ready to live and play bigger.
You are ready to lay a strong foundation with soul.
You want a positive, creative, uplifting, enthusiastic & connected experience.
You are ready to make the pledge and promises to yourself in all your endeavours.
You are open to a variety of spiritual belief systems, earth medicine, mysticism, conversations on the Universe, all types of crystal and energy healing, music, movement, mindfulness and breathwork.
You may be in a great place in your life right now but I still invite you to go deeper in exploring the Divine in you.
You may have already made the big decisions, taken the leap and undergone healing to propel you forward to your ideal life - but you still have phases of uncertainty and self-doubt which may leaving you wondering whether you are in the right place.

Wherever you are in your journey, you can benefit from a day of connection, creativity and integration to realise, uncover or unleash the gifts of your truest identity. I look forward to welcoming you to Creative Fire!

Many people waver, when it comes to owning their passion, their unique creative expression, and their gifts. This is where Sharyn naturally stands out: she colours waaaaay outside the lines of conforming and with this, is a brilliant leader in connecting to one's truth, one's creativity and above all, the feminine nature of women. Through her words and guidance, she has inspired countless numbers of women to follow their path, as unconventional and non-linear as it may seem, to create pure magic, and live their lives in the flow and on-purpose. I am deeply honoured and blessed to know Sharyn and to be a part of her world. - Vienda Maria

Sharyn is a truly open, kind, bright and non-judgmental guide. She has been constantly supportive, no matter how hard the journey. A person who rolls up her sleeves, asks the tough questions, gives her opinion wholeheartedly and helps push you through the mud & up that hill. She shines the light on your inner brightness and believes in you continuously, reminding you of your gifts/talents/abilities, helping you explore when you aren't sure, standing beside you holding your hand when things get hard and defending you when shit gets real. It’s an honour and a privilege to have someone like this as part of my life. I hope that you are brave enough to share yours with Sharyn too. - Natasha T.

I believe Sharyn is the real deal. She is a sacred rebel and fiercely devoted to her soul’s work and everything that she does and teaches comes from her own hard earned lessons in life. It has been inspiring to watch Sharyn walk her talk and despite fear, have the courage to break free of her constraints and lead with soul, honesty, compassion and integrity. And this is the kind of environment that she weaves when you have her as your mentor and teacher. Thank you for everything Sharyn. – Amy Huynh

The power woman. The warrior that beams lightness and strength. After attending a couple of Sharyn's events I have walked away inspired to move, change and expand. Always a collective of like minded souls to connect with, and Sharyn brings real life depth and learnings through in an easily digestible and relatable way. Love her work. Yeowwww. - Bodhi Whitaker

I feel very inspired by Sharyn’s journey and her willingness to open up and share her story with others. At her workshop Sharyn created a sacred, soul nourishing and safe space. She was honest and raw and encouraged us to do the same, to forget the limitations and speak from our heart as she supported us through the process. I loved the part when we were writing affirmations and then exchanging them with others, there was so much love in this act. The messages I received are now pinned to the board on my desk so I can come back to them whenever I need to. They also remind me of a truly special connection and experience that evening. I can’t wait to take part in future workshops with Sharyn.
Marta Kamilla

I love going to these lovely meetings because I have the chance to meet with like-minded people who seems to have the same curiosity about life. It is exciting to know you are not alone in this world. Sharyn holds a space where it is perfectly fine to be you. When I have attended I come out with amazing insights. These gatherings are hard to explain, you have to experience it for yourself, each one I have attended is different, and I love that. You never know what to expect. – Jenny L.

Printed workbook
Use of art materials (markers, paint, collage supplies)
Goodies to take home
Digital support resource library

Where: The Gap, Brisbane. Address provided nearer to the workshop date.
When: Saturday 16 September 1-5pm

Tickets are transferable (you may give your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend) but are not refundable.