• Image of Gutsy OM Cards Oracle Deck

OM Cards is a modern day oracle deck, the idea was derived from my (now discontinued) handmade collection of one word mantra intentional eco silver necklaces.

What if you could be guided by feelings, desires and emotions every day and be empowered by them? Who would you be? What could you achieve? How would you want to feel?

The intended use of OM Cards is for daily divination, an introduction to divination for beginners new to oracle and tarot cards to provide guidance and for use as journaling prompts.

There is no guidebook. OM Cards are for the rebels who want to connect with their inner truth, undiluted and unaffected by external interpretation.

OM Cards would make a wonderful addition to group coaching, 1:1 coaching sessions, Desire Map workshops or emotions and creative based workshops & classes.

The first edition set contains 100 one word mantras housed in a white box.

Coming Soon